Wing Chun Kung Fu - James Yimm Lee

Wing Chun Kung Fu - Written by James Yimm Lee

Edited by Bruce Lee

Chinese Language Edition

This is a PDF Chinese language edition of James Yimm Lee's "Wing Chun Kung Fu" book.

The English version was first published in 1972, by Ohara Publications. It was one of the first books in English published about Wing Chun.

The book was edited  Bruce Lee and Ted Wong.

Inside the book James introduces the reader to Sil Lim Tao (Siu Nim Tau) form, the immovable-elbow and centerline theories, chi sao (sticky hands), trapping, and much more.

Readers familiar with the Yip Man's Wing Chun, will see it as familiar, but not strictly traditional Yip Man Wing Chun. It has been influenced by Bruce Lee's stylistic interpretations.