Hung Gar - Tiger Subduing Fist

Hung Gar Gung Character Pattern Tiger Subduing Fist - Gung Ji Fook Fu Kuen - 洪拳工字伏虎拳. 

Demonstrated by Mark Ho and students

Mark Houghton born on March 8th 1962 in Nuneaton UK. His Chinese name is Ho Mak, and he is also sometimes referred to as Mark Ho.

He has been studying martial arts since he was 14 years old. He lived in Malaysia in his early teens being adopted by a Chinese family so he could stay in the country with them, His adopted father's name was Wong Chin-Tong.

While in Malaysia he started learning White Crane Kung Fu, but later after watching one of Lau Kar Leung’s film, he decided to change to Hung Gar. First learning Hung Gar under Ho Kam-Wai in Johor Bahru.

In his early twenties he moved back to the UK and opened his first Kung Fu School. At the age of 27 he moved to HK to train under his hero the Famous Hung Gar kung fu master Lau Kar-Leung, He has also followed his masters path into the HK movie scene, becoming one of the best western Bad guy’s in HK cinema. He has been on screen in over 60 movies. Working from actor, stuntman and stunt fight co-ordinator. At the same time of working in the film industry he also worked on and off has a bodygaurd where on one job received over 400 stitches from knife wounds In 2005 at the age of 43 he opened his kung fu school in Fanling under the blessing of his master Lau Kar Leung.

Mark retired from films in 2000 due to injuries from stunts and went on to teach kung fu. His school was first opened in summer 2005 in Fanling. The school's name was given to him by Grandmaster Lau Kar-Leung. It is his wish that his style of Hung Kuen is to be passed on to others by his student Ho Mak ( Mark Houghton ) The school stayed open until 2012 where due to his injuries from stunts, he found it difficult to teach,

Mark closed the school and stopped teaching. March 8th 2013 on his birthday he had lunch with his Sifu, his Sifu told him his health was not good and that he wanted Mark to keep spreading the Lau family Hung Gar and movie fighting and asked Mark to start teaching again and to go back to working in film. Mark promised he would keep the Lau family name going and to spread it to future generation’s . Three months later on the 25th June, his Sifu Lau Kar-Leung passed away.

Mark has kept his promise and is teaching again with schools in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, UK, France, Austria. He has also finished production on "Hands Of Lau" a documentary about the new Lau family stunt team and HK fight action, and has a few other projects lined up.